Our robust economy here in southern Nevada is currently lifting demand for cleaning services aimed at businesses. Environment is a janitorial and housekeeping service that accommodates both residential and commercial spaces of various sizes. Fees for this service are based on square footage. Our staff clean building interiors, the inner parts of transportation equipment.


Is not limited to, cleaning services for city, state, and county buildings, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, and offices of all types. We will clean both occupied or empty buildings.


Our company values the quality of the air you breathe. Environment Solutionz engages in professional odor removal. We use top of the line equipment such as Ozone Generators. We utilize the same technology many hospital operating rooms use for complete room sterilization. It works on a molecular level by altering the oxygen in the air to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, micro-organisms, as well as odors and contaminants. This results in cleaner, more sanitary air and ultimately a healthier living space.


Ozone Generators attack the source of the odor through a process called oxidation and permanently removes that odor and makes interior spaces smell better. It removes particles such as smoke, mold, food odors, pet odors, car odors, and mildew.


We proudly serve the following professional clientele:

  • Apartment property managers and maintenance supervisors.
  • HOA and private residence management companies.
  • Property management companies.
  • Private homeowners/investors with home rentals.
  • restaurant maintenance managers.
  • Commercial/industrial building management.